Today is day three. Three days ago I went live with the LightPlay Media website ( if you are interested.) Three days ago I began this blog hoping to  record in a manner useful to others the journey of turning a passion into a service that helps others by providing them with, soon to be, great photography. This has been a joyful three days.

I have learned that you have to START – this is essential if you are going to accomplish anything at all. Thinking is all behind the eyes. You know about it but almost no one else does, except perhaps your spouse who has heard you talking in you sleep for the past six months. Maybe that special friend, the one who never crossed to the other side of the street when they saw you coming, the one who would listen to your dreams and not shake their head. YOU MUST START and it almost does matter when. Take a picture now, giving the process a little more thought than you did the last time you snapped the shutter. Buy that piece of gear, the one you know will help you get that shot you see in your head. Sell your bike to pay for it, it is just sitting in the garage for the winter anyway. Get a new one next summer. START.

I have learned that you must PRACTICE. And it is all practice. No matter how long we do anything we are always getting better. PRACTICE.

I have learned that you must TELL PEOPLE ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING. You are not really doing something ’till you tell someone else you are. Put it out there. Put yourself on the line. Risk… well what do you think you are risking, anyway. Will someone tell you you not any good at it? So what. Remember you are practicing. You are getting better every day. Keep at it. Soon jaws will be dropping when people see your work, BUT ONLY IF YOU PUT IT OUT THERE.

Finally, I have learned that there are lots of tools to help us as together we create our dream jobs. I launched a great website (at least I think it is great) three days ago. To find out how you can do the same go to I am not paid a thing to send you there. But I have had a great experience working with their tools to build a site that works for me. Three days ago I began this WordPress blog. It is great! This morning I have been working with the tool to get the most out of this page. It is coming along – remember PRACTICE. I am using Twitter (@lightplaymedia) and FACEBBOOK to communicate with people. The great part about these tools, we all support each others effort. You will find a huge, supportive community out there in cyberspace. You will find both help for doing the work and people who want to buy your work. Another thing YOU can use these tools – RIGHT NOW! TRUST ME. How great is that!





I will see you soon out there in this wonderful new world. We probably don’t know each other but know I am rooting for you. Keep at it and succeed.

Robert Curtis, Santa Rosa Beach

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