Practice is Our Office!

Went to a photo shoot this afternoon. As the whole idea of taking portraits of people and families and maybe their pets is really new for me I went to this session with some anxiety.

We know the family well and they are the fourth family to let us practice on them. I should have been more comfortable. But –  you know I really wanted the photographs to turn out to be breathtaking so I was anxious.

As we approach anything that we do it is good that we want the results we produce to achieve high marks. We want what we do to be exceptional. You do too. I expect this causes all of us to put pressure on ourselves to do great work, whatever we are doing.

To me this is a key to greatness at photography. Striving to make captivating photographs will end in making our photographs exceptional. How do we strive? Well for me – I am studying, researching and the obtaining the best equipment I can get for taking the kind of pictures I want to take, looking at the work of many, many, others to try to grasp the techniques used to produce truly artful images and finally putting it all together in daily practice. Practice, practice, practice – PRACTICE.

Practice is where it happens. Everyday as I practice I get better. You will too.

It is time to get out there and take more pictures. I hope to see you there.

Robert Curtis – Lightplay Media and the Human Race…..

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