Working it!

Not posted in a long while. I know that all the insiders say you are supposed to post as an aid to effectively building reputation, client engagement, and, ultimately, your business… I know. I have read the books and been to the seminars… but, anyway, I have not posted in a long while.


Well I have been working, as some might say, my butt off. Making some money at it; Having some satisfaction; Playing with the idea of giving up from time to time; Spending hours in post processing, perfecting technique, and getting paid for it. Through it all, when I am working (in photography,) my hourly realization has climbed steadily to an almost healthy hundred-dollars-+-per-hour. If I was working photography for paying clients every day that would be a respectable $200K per year which is a good income here on the beach where there are few great paying jobs and living costs a bit more than it does in Louisville or Akron.

But I am not yet working my photography business full time…

In addition to photography I work in the media ministry at a local church. This is nearly a full time occupation in pay and many weeks is more that a full time job in actual work required. I also help my wife with Real Estate photography, developing virtual tours and other “graphics” professional chores for her new Real Estate business (all at no charge, I must note.) At the moment it is the “extra” professional position that keeps the cameras working. To be accurate a lot of my Media Ministry work is photography and videography… … but the hourly realization for this work is significantly less that when I am being a
“real” photographer. (There is one major reason I am a Media Minister in a local Church. It may not make sense to most but I truly enjoy working for the Church. My work in the church is not a money thing, but I am glad I get paid for my effort…)

This is the difficulty I face, perhaps many of us face, as we move in to making our passion for photography a profession. At first the money is not that great, all businesses have a start-up curve. Most if not all of us attempt to self-fund our new photography business. Many of us, like me, work more than one job to make ends meet, some of those “extra” jobs turn out to be significant in their own right (just like my ministry position.)

Focus has become an issue for me… 

Sometimes I feel like I live in two entirely different countries. In one they speak English, in the other Spanish. Each week I spend a few days speaking English, then suddenly have to transition to Spanish. For me each week the transition is jarring, even though much of my work is accomplished at the very same computer… I find I am still thinking English when trying to work in Spanish and the reverse is also true. Bowing to my sense  of responsibility I have given priority to my paid employment first.  Monday through Wednesday, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday go to the church work. I give my all to photography Thursday and Friday. Every week I have to use a morning and an afternoon or two to undertake shoots too. Wow! What a schedule…

This is why I have failed to keep up with my blogging about photography…

I am sensing that all of my effort will be worth it in the end… Have only really been working on my “photography business” for the past year and a half… Can’t believe the year-over-year change from last year in both income and the quality of opportunities that I see on the horizon. Things are not moving as fast as I would like, but things are moving and they are moving positive…

There is a drawing of a frog being eaten by a stork hanging on the wall next to my photo-studio workstation. The frog has its “hands” around the stork’s neck. At the top of the drawing there is a motto, I will attribute to Winston Churchill, “Never, ever, give up!”


Stick it out and find fulfillment!

robertScan 2015-2-12 0004-1

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