We are LightPlay Media. Well, actually, we are Robert Curtis, guess I should say I am…Robert Curtis. But being uncomfortable with the word I (guess someone must have told me it was wrong) we always comes to mind as a benign substitute. Not being royal we does not really fit…

So this blog is about starting and operating a photography business. For the past 11 years I have been on the ministry staff of a Christian Church. My primary responsibility was in the area of media. Over the 11 years I took thousands of pictures to use in worship and other media we produced.

In August I began the process of planting a new church in our area. I have a passion for photography, and video. I have considerable knowledge of the tools used in the art and how to use them effectively and on a modest budget. I decided to began a business taking pictures, providing high quality fine art quality printing and helping organizations use photography and video with maximum impact. This is my means of being part of our community in a productive way, taking care of my families finance, and paying for the needs of a new gathering of people new to the person of Jesus and the idea of making their life all about Him.

In this blog I will be talking about WHAT we are doing, and HOW we are doing it, all the victories, and all the struggles. You know the WHY – All I do is for the Glory of God!

I hope some of what you read here helps you as you begin your new endeavor in photography or something else. And I pray you see God and His Son Jesus in the way we approach all we do.

Robert Curtis /LightPlay Media and The Icthusgeneration.

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