Still #JustGettingStarted

Am really jazzed up over the potential of social media for getting the word out, for connecting with each other, for creating an on-going conversation. I guess I am just late to the party. Also, always so busy working that taking the time to Blog, to Facebook, to Tweet just seems unproductive. Unproductive it may be but I have having some great interaction on Facebook recently as we are beginning to get the word out about our newish photography and media service business.

So I have been working to learn how the various networks interact. Can Facebook and Twitter work together. The answer is yes. You can post in Facebook, anything you might ordinarily post, and it will by magic show up in Twitter. Same for Twitter. Just post a Tweet and poof there it is in Facebook. All of this interaction shows up in my professional network, LinkedIn, too. What about my blog on WordPress? Yes my friends it is connect to this brave new world too.

Pumped about this: if you have a “Smart Phone” all of this interaction shows up in your phone mail and text messaging system. The really cool feature of the “Smart Phone” connection is that I can respond to Facebook messages and comments; Tweets; and WordPress blog comments right from the phone, where ever I happen to be. Another great feature of this mobile connection is that I can update a status so that it actually shows where I am on a map. This is really helpful when you have a crew meeting you at an event and they are trying to find you.

The trick is taking some time with all of the settings in the various services to make sure you have all your options set up to accomplish the level of interaction between networks that works for you.  I have been working on this effort today and am still learning. I can tell you right now that there is a whole lot of power in these tools to create a seamless means of communicating with all of the various groups you are involved with.

As an example my friends on Facebook are not necessarily following me on Twitter, or Google +. My LinkedIn connections aren’t generally part of my Facebook, Twitter, or Google + universes either. There is a similar situation with those who subscribe to WordPress. With a relatively simple series of steps in “settings” on each of the five services I am able to treat this incredible multiverse as a single entity! This helps me manage my interaction with a really diverse community of people. Exciting for sure!

You ask why is all of this important? For me it is because I don’t know the needs of everyone in all my associated communities. So what happens as I communicate what LightplayMedia is up to via the “Social Network” platform created by interconnecting these five services? People I do not know but are connected with me by reason of interest, or social relationship, are able to discover our services and visa versa. This potentially allows me to provide needed service to a much larger audience (still targeted by relationship) than I would ever be able to reach by any other means. And I become aware of people who can help me in my work by the very same process.

Truly new I say.

All of this interaction is improving the quality of my photography as I get more and more feedback. And I am sure I am creating a more satisfying professional future as people in my networks become more aware of our passion for excellence and begin to know better what we are able to do!

I am still learning how to use all of these new tools. I advise you to start now. Much more powerful things are coming soon. We are all just infants in this new age!

Robert Curtis – LightplayMedia – Santa Rosa Beach, Florida